Welcome to
"Sarah's Barbershop"

Hi, my name is Sarah and I specialize in only men and boys haircuts and would love for you to come and visit my shop on NE 25th Avenue in Hillsboro.

I cut hair with electric clippers and scissors over comb and can do any haircut from a fade to a regular business man's tapered cut. I pride myself in giving you a full service experience with a straight razor neck shave, a relaxing shampoo with warm towels, and a style that you can easily take care of yourself. To finish up the cut I do a nice shoulder massage to leave you relaxed and ready for the rest of your day. When I cut your hair, you not only get a great haircut, but I get to visit with my friends.

I offer discount days, and special offers throughout the year so be sure and check out the rest of the website to take advantage of them.


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